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I Am More Than....Put Yourself in Their Shoes, is a domestic nonprofit corporation founded and directed by Michelle Browder, a Montgomery, Alabama based visual artist, community organizer, teacher and child advocate who has worked with children and young adults for nearly 30 years. She uses her artistic talents to create restorative justice programs in

juvenile detention centers, failing schools systems and after school programs for under served youth. Michelle has mentored thousands of disadvantaged kids and created safe places for children suffering from all forms of trauma, abuse and neglect.  She uses art, history and "real talk" conversation and community events to change negative narratives created by social conditioning.


​ I AM MORE THAN... is committed to transforming the lives of young people by equipping them with entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills, training and experience needed to become self-sufficient and productive members of society.  We are dedicated to empowering youth, their families and the community by offering prevention and intervention services in a compassionate, fun and healing environment.





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